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Welcome to the new Total Shield Blog, where we will be bringing you all the latest news, offers and tips for Total Shield's esteemed customers. We've been growing quickly the past few years, and that's thanks to the professional, prompt, courteous service we provide, as well as our devotion to you, the customer. You will be secure in the knowledge that our technicians are fully-insured, bonded, and have completed thorough background checks. They've received only the best training, use only state-of-the-art equipment, and will take the utmost pride in caring for your home!

We provide several services inside and outside the home to clean, restore and protect your most precious investment. We are Total Shield, and we do a lot more than protect your windows.

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Save the Sea Turtles!!

CaptureTotal Shield Protection Window Film installations can help save Sea Turtles!

Believe it or not South Florida is home to 5 species of sea turtles, three of which ( loggerhead, green and leatherback) nest right here on our beaches!

Millions of years of evolution compel these tiny hatchlings to the ocean shore. Baby sea turtles are attracted to the subtle light of the moon and stars allowing them to find their way from their nest to the ocean shore having overcome numerous obstacles including rough ocean waves, predators and an increasingly scarce habitat. Unfortunately, their instincts betray them for modern structures including many beach homes emit bright lights causing the baby sea turtles to get confused and head further inland. Due to the sea turtles “endangered status” Florida’s new building code requires beach homes and structures with a direct ocean view to contain windows with no more than 45% light transmission. That is where Total Shield Protectioncan help! We carry several brands of film which control the visible light transmission of your home without compromising the view. Our window film not only will help the sea turtles find their way home but the will eliminate 99% UVA/UVB rays, reduce heat and protect your glass from inclement weather or intrusion. Call Total Shield Protection today to see how you can benefit from one of our services and make the world a little safer for us and the turtles! Free estimates can be scheduled at or by calling 941.894.7138.


One Product with Multiple Benefits! | Florida Window Tinting


Having window film on your car or home in Florida is as common as having sun glasses, so it is easy assume everyone has heard about it. The reality is there are many people who do not know what window film is or its amazing benefits. So here is an informative recap on how this affordable product can benefit you, your family and save you money!

Window Film is a uniquely covered polyester/Mylar based material used in commercial, residential and military applications. Applied directly to glass many consumers use window film for the following reasons.

Blocks Heat and Increases Comfort: When sunlight pours through a window it can make any room unbearable to be in. Curtains and blinds only redirect the heat into the home while blocking out the view entirely. Total Shield Protection’s high quality window film installations provide uniform comfort throughout the home all while allowing natural light in and cutting the heat and glare by over 80%!

Eliminate UVA&UVB radiation:Ultra Violet radiation can destroy furnishings, artwork, floors, curtains and your skin! Total Shield Protection’s window film installations block over 99.9% of the Ultra Violet radiation that enters your home or business.

Reduces Energy Consumption:Total Shield Protection’s window film installations can cut over 80% of the suns solar energy, reducing the stress on your A.C. while lowing energy costs up to 30% and more. In certain areas window film qualifies for energy saving tax credits.

Safety and Security:Total Shield Protection’s high impact security window film installations protect glass even in the worse conditions. The added layer of security prevents glass from becoming deadly fragments due to high winds or flying debris. Total Shield Protection’s high impact window film passively protects your glass whether it’s inclement weather or an attempted burglary 24/7/365 whether you are home or not. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that a safety and security impact film can provide your home or business.

Decorative Applications: Window film can provide many affordable decorative solutions from Sandblasted glass to a frosted etched pattern, Total Shield Protection’s decorative window film products have been the solution for many savvy architects and homeowners.Make your home or business stand out with one of our unique decorative window films.

Total Shield Protection has been a leader in the window film industry since its inception, with over 30 plus years of experience and hundreds of 5 Stars reviews that can been seen across multiple platforms Total Shield Protection is the go to option for your window film installation. Total Shield Protection carries all major brands of high quality films backed by a manufacturer warranty. In addition,Total Shield Protection also provides professional window washing to ensure your film looks as good as the day it was installed. Call Today! 941.894.7138

Time to See the Light


One of the biggest concerns people have went it comes to putting window film on their home is the aesthetics. People are afraid of dark window tints or having a highly reflective “mirrored” look to their windows. Well fear no more! Advancements in the field of window film have provided a unique solution to this age-old concern.

Introducing the new NOVA 70 “spectrally selective” window film. Our NOVA 70 window film can selectively block certain wavelengths of light resulting in a “clear” film that blocks 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays, cuts up to half the heat!

Believe is or not NOVA 70is also designed not to compromise your view day or night! Its unique properties offer the same level of reflectance as untreated glass. Beautiful natural light will flood in during the day, “hot zones” will be removed while furnishings and belongings will remain protected from damaging UV rays.

The look of your windows will remain unchanged both inside and out. Unlike other films NOVA 70 will not “darken” or “mirror” your glass leaving a clean, clear and perfect view for your home or business.

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Hurricane Season is Clearly Not Over…


With hurricane season here in full force it’s never to late to prepare. Protecting your home starts with protecting your windows. Unprotected glass can easily shatter leaving your home exposed to rushing wind and rain. The first step in minimizing damages begins with protecting your glass. Total Shield Protection’s safety and security film installations are a great way to protect your home and belongings. Our clear, strong film is engineered to bond to glass creating a barrier to help hold the window together in the worst of conditions. Total Shield Protection’s safety and security film installations help keep windows from shattering into hundreds of deadly fragments, as well as preventing further damage to your home from rushing wind, water, and airborn debris. Total Shield Protection’s safety and security installations come with solar control options and a lifetime warranty. Call today for your free estimate and save 10%! 941-894-7138

It’s….Over 5000!

Alright maybe not that high…but with the summer sun out many people are putting on sunscreen for protection.


You may not realize it but you are risk from harmful U.V. rays even in your own home.

That’s why the skin cancer foundation endorses the use of Residential Window film.

With an SPF rating of 250 it’s enough to protect your drapes, furnishings, artwork and flooring in addition to protecting you and your family from harmful U.V. radiation.

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